Friday, September 26, 2008

Kingly Stats

Currently, I am 30 inches tall (98th percentile, and almost exactly half of Mommy's height), 
I weigh 21.6 pounds (87th percentile), 
and I have a head circumference of 46 centimeters (99th percentile). 

How do YOU measure up?  :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Last Hurrah of Summer in the Kingdom

Well, summer is over now, and Mommy is back at school,
but for the two weeks before she went back we tried to have a lot of fun
with Daddy and Nonna and Nonno!

Here I am coyly looking at the camera while nibbling on my rings.
People keep asking me if I've fallen down because of the bruises on my chin and neck,
but really I'm just having my port wine stain treated with lasers.
Hopefully it will go away soon!

Here I am outside the New England Aquarium.
Mommy told me there were penguins and sharks inside,
so I was pretty excited!

Here are me, Nonna, Nonno and Mommy outside the Aquarium!
Aren't we cute?

I'm gazing at the penguins with great fascination!

How do I measure up to a hammerhead?
Not very well, but I'm not done growing yet!

This picture was taken right before Jojo tried to frighten me
by holding me up close to a sting ray.
I wasn't really scared though - I was just pretending,
to keep them on their toes!

Finally, here I am in the park behind the library in Arlington!
It was a nice cool evening, but we could only spend about five minutes there
because Daddy got eaten up by the mosquitos.
They must have known that I was the king, though,
because they didn't touch me!