Thursday, January 28, 2010

Entering the Third Year of Our Reign!

The Birthday King is TWO!

With two of my most loyal subjects, Amy (aka Mimi). . .

. . . and Cheryl (aka Rah-Ro)!

The Royal Babbo provides assistance in the opening of presents:

Candles and noisemakers!

Getting ready to blow!

Let's prepare to dig in, shall we?

Hooray for cake!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Acton Children's Discovery Museum

Last Friday I went to the Acton Children's Discovery Museum.
It was like they designed the place with me in mind!

First, I sounded the bell for the train. . .

. . . then I splashed around and blew bubbles in the water room. . .

. . . then I drew and erased on a floor-to-ceiling chalkboard
(how can I get Mom and Dad to install one of those in our apartment?). . .

. . . then I dropped balls in tubes and watched them spin around. . .

. . . then I dropped balls on tracks and watched them make music!

I was definitely a happy camper!

Now every morning at breakfast I look at Mommy hopefully and say:
"Mu-ee-um? Balls? Water? Twain?"
only to have her reply with a laugh,
"Maybe another day soon, honey!"

Christmas 2009!

Christmas Eve:

Helping Uncle Mark with the technical details. . .

Okay, people, let's get this show on the road!
Where are my presents?

Watching intently as Mommy and Daddy unpackage a gift for me.

Christmas Morning:

Dancing around the room, looking for my gifts!

Letting Daddy help me out a bit with that pesky plastic packaging. . .

Watching Lady have her Christmas dinner!